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History of Bamse

The Fight in the Coal Hole

 The Fight in the Coal Hole As described by Fritz Egge (pictured), crew member of Thorodd (died 2000) To Capt Johan Campbell Andersen 

Transcribed by AWO September 2005


It was not unknown for Bamse to end up in a fight with another dog.  On this occasion the amphitheatre was a coal store somewhere down by the docks.  There was a great scrap, and Bamse won “of course”.  In triumph Bamse marched back to the Thorodd, covered in coal dust, looking more like a chimney sweep’s brush than a pedigree hound! The horrified crew tried to stop him coming up the gangway, determined not to let him bring the filth aboard. Bamse, however, was not to be stopped, and on reaching the deck he went to find a bucket of water.  He sat down beside it and simply  waited to be given a bath. Of course there were no volunteers for this job…and from the Bridge a directive had to be issued for an Order of the Bath

   Ó2005 The Montrose Bamse Project / Montrose Heritage Trust