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History of Bamse

Mine's a Pint!

Mine’s a Pint! As related by letter from the late Mrs A R Meyer widow of a Norwegian gunnery instructor during WWII 

Transcribed by AWO November 2005


When in port Bamse was sometimes in the habit of accompanying the crew to the pub, where he enjoyed his beer.  We know of his liking for beer from other stories.


On this reported occasion Bamse and the crew went into a pub, and the owner’s cat was sitting prominently on the bar, in the place where Bamse wanted to be.  Bamse approached, and, rising up on his hind legs rested his paws casually on the bar. He simply pushed the cat to one side to make room for himself.  Looking thirsty, he waited patiently whilst the publican drew a pint into a bowl which was set down before him, on the top of the bar.

    Ó 2006  The Montrose Bamse Project / Montrose Heritage Trust