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Sea Dog Bamse, Pride of Norway         a new tartan         by Angus Whitson, January 2009 The story of Bamse continues to grow and grow around the world, with interest in Europe from Norway to Spain, and around  the world from North America to New Zealand. There is, of course obvious interest amongst the Scottich and Norwegian diasporas. In view of the close association with Scotland and Dundee, and in particular the ancient port of Montrose where he is buried, it is absolutely right that Sea Dog Bamse’s memory should be commemorated in a tartan.  The creation of a personal tartan for Bamse strengthens the historic threads of friendship between Scotland and Norway that have existed for centuries.  Here’s the thinking behind Bamse’s new, very own, tartan -  The symbolism of the Sea Dog Bamse tartan is inspired principally by the colours of Norway’s national flag and ensign of the Royal Norwegian NavyRed for blood, the Viking colourBlue for the colour of the oceanWhite for the colour of snow These colours are mirrored in the Scottish Saltire, the Scottish national flag, which is a white Cross of St Andrew on a blue field; and in the Royal Standard of Scotland which is a red lion rampant on a gold field - thus repeating the white, blue and red of the Norwegian flag.Gold, also represented in the Royal Standard, is priceless, as is the value of Freedom, the gift which Bamse fought and died for.   The heraldic colours of Nordkapp or North Cape, identifying Bamse’s hometown of Honningsvag, are represented in Red and Gold. The heraldic crest of the Royal Burgh of Montrose is a red rose with the motto (in Latin) – “Mare ditat, Rosa decorat” – The Sea dictates, the Rose adorns. The ensigns armorial of the City of Dundee are – “Azure, a pot of three growing lilies Argent” – Three silver (white) lilies on a blue field. The tartan has been designed with the four colours of red, blue, white and gold which unite the countries and places with which Sea Dog Bamse is associated.  We hope that Norwegians will adopt and wear the new tartan which honours the life of a truly remarkable wartime canine hero, whose memory remains bright in Scotland and Norway. The tartan has been named Sea Dog Bamse, Pride of Norway and the design has been registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority (registration number: 7858.)